About the shoppe seahurst

The Shoppe Seahurst is a Lifestyle and Home Goods store with a touch of stunning Antique Furniture finds in Olde Burien, Washington.  


The Shoppe Seahurst started from a love of interiors and unique statement pieces that elevated my own home and design.  Coming from an event productions and decor background and the daughter of two people who owned there own business, I followed suit! I was raised to have a strong work ethic, and was told to dive feet first into your community, Always. So that is what I did, I came back from California and opened The Shoppe in my home town.  I took my passion for spacial design, and home goods and merged them together.  Also helps that my husband is an amazing visual designer, and our love for interiors have made us stronger.

My hope is that you find that perfect piece that found my heart, and welcome it into your home. 





 Beka, The Boss Lady.

Growing up I had a 12ft long x 9ft tall mural of a beach on my wall, that I hung myself.

All my animals are named after cars; Bentley, Hummer and Audi. 

I was the last Miss Burien in 2007. 

David Bowie is my spirit animal, I adore him.

And I LOVE cinnamon candies.

Bentley, The Shoppe Dog.

I love Watermelon.

I have a favorite cat toy: mouse.

I love going on long walks with my parents.

My favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody, I howl at the high note every time. 

I spin in circles when I get excited.